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Top 10 Grooming Tips To Complement Your Sherwani Look

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It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to be the man of the hour as a groom with your majestic sherwani! But before the festivities begin, you should truly be ready to shine in your wedding sherwani with impeccable grooming. 

In this blog, let us dive into the top 10 grooming tips for men chosen specifically to complement your wedding sherwani. Whether it is men’s pre wedding grooming or a friend attending a festive occasion, these curated simple tips will ensure you shine above everyone.

10 Grooming Tips For Men for an Elegant Look

Styling is the prime element to take your sherwani look to the next level. To help you have a complete look to complement the wedding sherwani for men, here is a styling guide with 10 men’s grooming for wedding tips:

1. The Perfect Hairstyle

Choose the perfect hairstyle along with your hairdresser that complements your facial structure and the style of your Sherwani a few weeks before the event. Give yourself the required time to get used to your new haircut and look.

2. Beard Grooming

Among the top grooming tips for men, you can’t miss out on beard grooming. If you are a groom with facial hair, make sure to get yourself a professional shave from time to time. It will help to define your facial structure more clearly.

3. Skin and Facial Care

Seek a professional dermatologist before your wedding date and functions to get prescribed the right skincare routine for yourself. Wash and cleanse regularly to minimise the chances of any skin infection, rashes or reactions.

4. Manicure and Pedicure

Men’s pre wedding grooming should include mani padi sessions. Yes, you read that right! As a groom, you should take care of your hair, skin, and body. You should also pay attention to your nails, hands, and feet. Opting for a manicure and pedicure will give your hands and feet a better touch and feel and make you look all set for your D-day!

5. Working Out

To fit into your dream sherwani, you should take care of your physical health as well. Keep a check of what you eat, work out regularly, go for a jog and try to be consistent with it before some months your big day.

6. Regular Dental Visits and Oral hygiene

Start taking care of your oral hygiene to achieve the perfect white smile for the wedding day. Visit a dentist if you have not done it yet, and keep a regular interval of visits for proper dental and oral care.

7. Skin Tone

Visit professional makeup artists months before your wedding date. Professionals will help you choose makeup based on your skin tone, the theme of the wedding banquet, and your wedding sherwani for men.

8. Posture

Your everyday workload and stress might heavily impact your posture and backaches. To stand tall and confident while wearing your sherwani, destress yourself, book massages, and indulge in some yoga classes.

9. Fragrance 

Choose a subtle yet engaging fragrance that would complement you with your wedding sherwani. Take your time browsing a variety of options.

10. Accessories

Accessorise your sherwani with subtle and eye-catching accessories such as simple watches, cufflinks or lapel pins. Now the question comes: what shoes to wear with Sherwani? Complete your overall look with the perfect pair of juttis and your sherwani


Your wedding sherwani is a statement of elegance and celebration on your wedding day, and the right grooming tips for men will help you look the best. By following these top 10 grooming tips for men, you can ensure every detail of your appearance is perfect.

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FAQS of Sherwani Style for men

How do I look slim in Sherwani?

To look slim, choose a sherwani in a darker shade like black, navy blue, or marsala. Plus, heavy patterns are a strict no-no. They can easily draw attention to unwanted areas. Furthermore, make sure the sherwani is tailored according to your shape.

How do I look good in Sherwani?

Follow a few grooming tips for men to look dashing in your sherwani. Choose an edgy hairstyle and opt for a good beard trim. Moreover, maintaining a good posture can help you go a long way. And don’t forget to pair your sherwani with accessories like a watch and sunglasses.

What shoes to wear with Sherwani?

You can complete your look with a pair of colour-coordinated juttis for a traditional look with the Sherwani.

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