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Jodhpuri Suit For Wedding: A Perfect Definition Of Timeless Style & Statement

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In the wedding fashion and glamour world, where everyone wants to feel royal and luxurious, the Jodhpuri suit for men wedding stands out as a perfect definition of timeless style and symbol. This traditional attire is an ideal blend of the traditions of Indian culture and beauty with a touch of modern ideas and designs. The suit is buttoned-up, high-neck decorated and designed with brilliant hand craftsmanship. The fitted stitch brings out the clear, polished, and fitted silhouette of the groom, balancing it with the pair of trousers of choice.

The Jodhpuri suit for men wedding is also commonly known as the Bandhgala. It originally hails from the princely state of Jodhpur in Rajasthan representing its regality, grandeur, and aristocracy. Over time, the royal Jodhpuri suit for men has undergone many evolutions, still representing the true Indian aesthetics and traditions.

Discover Different Types Of Jodhpuri Suits

Discover the different types of Jodhpuri Suits for men this wedding season with their versatile charm, combining traditional elements and modern ideas. Here is a detailed look at different types of Jodhpuri Suits for men:

Waist Achkan-Style Jodhpuri suits

One of the most famous suits of the wedding season, Waist Achkan-style Jodhpuri suits serve both as traditional and formal wear. They are close-fitted, long coat-like garments with a high-collar design that complements a Jodhpuri jacket. The handcraftsmanship consists of embroidery and beadwork on materials like silk, velvet, jacquard, or brocade. The expensive and expansive handcraftsmanship represents grandeur and royalty.

Styling and Accessorising

Jodhpuri suits are commonly paired with traditional churidar pants or custom-tailored trousers. They can be styled and accessorised with personal choices of cufflinks and traditional footwear. Ensure the suit is a well-tailored fit for a sharp and clear look.

Waistcoat Jodhpuri suits

Waistcoat Jodhpuri suits are the epitome of Indo Western Jodhpuri suits, which are famous among the younger generations. The whole look combines classic Jodhpuri suits with a versatile waistcoat, adding a tinge of refinement.

It is typically crafted from high-end, quality fabrics like silk, velvet, linen, or wool. Modest designs include clear-cut embroidery, floral or brocade patterns, or designer buttons and beads.

Styling and Accessorising

For the best wedding look for you, the most popular choice of colour is the Blue Jodhpuri Suit for weddings. The colour represents nobility and integrity. The suit is paired with well-fitted trousers, and the waistcoat is often chosen in a contrasting colour or fabric to add extra detail. Minimal accessories such as cufflinks, a simple watch, and a pocket square are chosen. For a traditional touch, a turban of pastel colour or brooch can be added with juttis as footwear to match.

Jodhpuri suits with Dhoti

In Indian tradition, royal Jodhpuri suits with dhoti are among the best representations of traditional Indian aesthetics during weddings. The combination compliments the cultural heritage of the dhoti, bringing back its importance and refined ensemble. Dhoti, a traditional Indian garment, is a long cloth draped around the waist and legs extending to the ankles. The dhoti fabric is usually made from refined cotton, silk, or a blend of both. It can be plain or customised with decorative borders of colours of your choice complementing the suit.

Styling and Accessorising

The dhoti is worn instead of trousers, and the Jodhpuri suits should be well-fitted to balance the draped dhoti. The dhoti should be draped neatly for a polished look. The Jodhpuri suit can be layered with a waistcoat underneath for extra elegance. The best accessory would be a traditional stole or dupatta draped over the shoulder, with a minimalist, subtle accessory such as a brooch and footwear like juttis.

How To Choose The Perfect Design Of Jodhpuri Suit

Choosing the perfect Jodhpuri suit for men wedding involves considering several factors to ensure it complements your style, the occasion, your body type and much more. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Consider the occasion

If you are attending a wedding as a groom, go for classic or embroidered Jodhpuri suits. Rich fabrics and artful embroideries add a touch of royalty and grandeur to such occasions.

Minimalist Jodhpuri suits in lighter fabrics such as linen or cotton with subtle designs and accessories are the best choices for semi-formal events.

Consider your body type

  • Tall and Slender If you are tall and slender, almost any style of Jodhpuri suit will elevate your frame. For more personal choices, you can choose fitted and structured designs that will highlight your height.

  • Shorter and muscular If you are someone shorter and muscular, you can opt for suits with streamlined designs and vertical detailing. You should avoid bulky fabrics and choose tailored fits to create a longer, lengthening effect.

Consider the color

You can choose from classic colours like black, navy or dark maroon, which are timeless for any formal event. For summer daytime weddings, you can opt for your jodhpuri suit for grooms in pastel colours like beige, light blue or pastel pink. For grooms like you, rich shades like royal blue, emerald green and burgundy will enrich your elegance.

Consider the fabric

For formal events, fabrics like silk and brocade elevate the luxury and style of the suits, whereas for daytime or summer weddings, fabrics like cotton and linen, which are light and breathable, offer comfort with flair.

Opt For A Classic Look

The best way to choose a Jodhpuri suit for the groom is to opt for a classic look. The classic look consists of the Jodhpuri suit of your choice, along with a coat and tailored trousers. It is often accompanied by a vest. The vest is also complemented by a handcrafted waistcoat, which stands out in terms of colours and fabrics.

For the best classic look, you can choose one of our best Jodhpuri jackets to complete your look.

Modern Style Tips for Rocking a Jodhpuri Suit

Here are some Jodhpuri suit styling tips from our experts for you:

  • Experiment with the fabrics, textures, and colours of your choice.

  • To reflect your style, accessorise with modern or traditional accessories like a turban, brooch, or a customised label pin. 

  • Pair your Jodhpuri wedding suits with your favourite traditional juttis or formal shoes, such as loafers or oxfords, for a modern touch.

  • Ensure your Jodhpuri suit for groom is tailored perfectly to your body. A well-fitted suit will enhance your image and give you a sharp, polished look.

  • Personalise your wedding suit with unique elements such as embroidered initials, customised buttons, beads, or cufflinks of your partner’s choice.


The Jodhpuri suit for grooms is a perfect representation of a timeless and modern style of elegance. The rich history, grandeur, and comfort make it an ideal choice for the groom this wedding season.

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FAQs of Jodhpuri Suit for Men

What should men wear under a Jodhpuri suit?

Under a Jodhpuri suit, men can wear a shirt or a waistcoat paired with trousers or a dhoti. 

Can we wear Jodhpuri suits at weddings?

Absolutely! In fact, Jodhpuris are one of the best fits for Indian weddings, whether it is the groom or a groomsman.

What footwear should I pair with a Jodhpuri suit?

You can pair traditional footwear like jutti, or for semi-formal events, you can pair your suit with loafers for a modern touch.

Can we wear a royal Jodhpuri suit for a wedding in summer?

Indeed, with the right choice of fabric, you can wear a royal Jodhpuri suit to a summer wedding. A Jodhpuri made with cotton or raw silk fabric is perfect for hot summer days. Plus, opting for a lighter colour shade is also a great idea for the summer.

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