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Groom Mehendi Designs To Take Inspiration From

When the word "wedding" strikes us, it is inevitably incomplete without getting designer wear and, of course, MEHENDI. Some men like intricate mehendi designs, whereas some like minimal and simple ones. Therefore, this blog will give you detailed knowledge about the types of groom mehendi designs available and also help you choose the kind of design you want for your auspicious day. To provide a dashing look, you can also check Kaadambini, which has some of the finest designer-wear sherwanis, making your better half look in awe.

Why Applying Mehendi Is An Important Part Of An Indian Wedding?

Symbol of Blessings

The mehendi ritual is a significant part of the Indian wedding as it creates a jovial mood among all the members. It is considered a symbol of blessing, which would bring good fortune and luck to the newlyweds. Mehendi is also marked as a token of love and celebration, adding a special touch to the wedding with intricate artwork.

Groom Beauty Ritual

When the groom gets all decked up with groom designer wear for the big day, the mehendi for the groom is like the cherry on top. It's like a fantastic tradition where there are mehendi designs in the hands and feet of the groom to enhance his style and look. It is also like a fun game, as in the mehendi design, the groom hides the bride's initials, and the bride, after the wedding ritual, has to find it to show her love for him. In Indian weddings, it is our way of making them more memorable and magical.

Traditional Custom

Not to mention, mehendi is considered extremely auspicious and a symbol of traditional custom. Both bride and groom apply it as a cultural significance and showcase their traditional side. Plus, it looks extremely gorgeous. 

10 Groom Mehendi Design Ideas For Men

Most men are eager to do mehendi for their special day but are confused about which design to apply. So, finally, here is the end to all of your exaggerated thoughts. We present you with ten mehendi designs that will bring you out of your whimsical state and help you choose the best one. It is because you arrived at the right place for the mehendi design for groom.

1. Minimal Design Mehendi For No Fuss

Some men don't like mehendi in their hands and want to do it for the sake of maintaining the traditional custom. For those men, this mehendi design for the groom is appropriate as it includes merely any intricate, cluttered design. Instead, it will involve the initial of the bride and surrounding it with some minor design to make it look complete. If you are unwilling to do an elaborate mehendi design, this will suit your ideas..

2. Tribal Design Mehendi For The Ethnic Groom

This mehendi design for the groom includes bold lines and dots on the wrists, marked by tribal motifs such as arrows, feathers, and geometric shapes. It also comprises symbols that denote strength, such as a stylised bull's head. In this design, the fingers mostly contain smaller tribal patterns, which are minimal yet impactful. This design ensures balance and symmetry across both hands for a unified look, making it unique.

3. Floral Mehendi Design For A Chic Look

For men who like chic yet floral designs, this design was just created for you. With small, intricate floral designs and bold lines, this mehendi design for the groom is the most elegant one for your hand. It contains designs like tiny buds, delicate yet beautiful leaves, and flowers like roses and sunflowers inside. The initial of the design is written by the bride, which holds personal significance to the couple. This is perfect for the one looking for a romantic yet sophisticated outlook.

4. Arabic Mehendi Style

Nowadays, this design is mostly done by everyone. This mehendi for groom involves mostly linework and minimalistic motifs. It incorporates elements such as zigzags and triangles in the wrists, which adds masculinity to the design. The central motif is the beautifully done, stylish Arabic letters. Although it does not involve much intricate work, the long strokes of artistry are what make it stand out from others.

5. Peacock Feather Mehendi For A Royal Look

Many men imagine their wedding getting up and looking to be royal. When everything you think is royal, why won't your mehendi design be one of them? This artwork involves peacock feathers or peacocks drawn in your hand inside, the initial of which would be hidden. It also fills your whole palm; if an entire peacock is drawn with intricate work on its feathers, incorporating palaces, peacocks, etc., it brings out the mehendi's Rajasthani royal look. If the Rajasthani royal looks enthralled you, this is perfect for you.

6. Abstract Patterns For A Symmetry Loving Groom

This design begins with a central mandala, as mandala designs are inherently symmetrical.It also includes symmetrical squares, triangles, wavy lines, and small designs. This is not a contemporary design, so if you don't like things that everyone likes, this is for you.

7. Henna Bracelets For A Style-Studded Groom

Bracelets are fashionable mehendi designs groom and go with many Western outfits, but a bracelet by mehendi is unthinkable for some; therefore, let us tell you, this bracelet henna design is now on trend and is really cool. For all the incredible people who don't want to jump in the traditional mehendi design but still want mehendi for their wedding, this one's for you.

8. Sports Themed Mehendi For An Active Groom

This includes elements that are sporty and have less cluttered designs. This is a modern type of mehendi for the groom but an outstanding approach. It incorporates jersey numbers, colours, and the sport the groom is passionate about. It may also include player silhouettes.

9. Travel Themed Mehendi For A Wanderlust Groom

Travel and mehendi? It sounds impossible and exciting. But now, everything is possible with the enhancement of thought processes and technology. With maps, route lines, hot air balloons, landmarks, and natural elements such as stars, moon, and trees, mehendi can provide beautiful scenery. It also includes travel quotes or song lyrics related to travel; this involves a lot of skilful artistry. For the wanderlust grooms out there, this mehendi design is genuinely for you.

10. Customised Couples Designs Mehendi For A Personalised Touch

The Lovey-dovey couples like it more of a couple-oriented mehendi on their hands, with one hand of the groom with the silhouette of the bride and the bride's hand with the silhouette of the groom so that when they come together, it becomes a complete picture of their love and affection. This may include a mehendi design groom showing different rituals of the wedding.

Wrapping Up!

With all these intricate kinds of mehendi designs, your wedding will not be less than a blast if you use our guide for mehendi designs. If you're confused about where to buy your designer wear, go nowhere. Just find the mens ethnic wear in Hyderabad from Kadambini. The mehendi ceremony, a momentous event before the wedding, should be handled with proper mehendi designs, starting with minimal ones and continuing with customised couple ones. Come, let's celebrate this occasion of love with these designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q1. Which type of mehendi design is best for a groom?

For grooms, minimal designs and those reflecting their interests work best because they offer an elegant and sophisticated outlook on their special wedding day. Combining modern geometric patterns and traditional motifs is another good option, as its blend offers a timeless yet contemporary look. These minimal designs also complement the groom's attire.  

Q2. Which is the simplest groom mehendi design?

The simplest groom mehendi design usually involves minimalistic patterns consisting of simple dots, lines, or geometric shapes. These designs are quick to apply and maintain and offer a subtle yet elegant touch to the auspicious day.

Q3. How to make groom mehendi darker in colour?

To darken the groom's mehendi, apply a mixture of lemon and sugar to the dried mehendi and leave it overnight without contact with water. Another method is to take a small amount of mustard oil, rub your hands to remove the henna, and leave it like that overnight.

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