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Brother/Sister Wedding Dress Ideas For Brothers

Updated: 7 days ago

Being the brother of the bride or groom is like being the star of your own movie – with a touch of wedding chaos thrown in for good measure. You're not just there to sip champagne and enjoy the show; you're the guy everyone turns to for a laugh, a hand, or a last-minute emergency fix.

While, We can't magically add extra hours to your day, but we can definitely sprinkle some style magic on you and made guide for brother dress ideas for wedding, making sure you're always stylish, and camera-ready, even when you're juggling a thousand things at once.

Sherwani: The Indian Wedding Classic

Wanna rock that classic desi look without feeling like you're carrying around a ton of fabric? Try a lightweight sherwani! It's the perfect combo of grandeur and comfort, making you the coolest bro at the wedding.

Indo-Western: Indian With A Videshi Tadka

Indo-Western outfits are like the Bollywood remix of traditional Indian wear – modern, comfy, and totally in demand. They're the go-to choice as the modern dress for sister marriage who wants to add a dash of swag to their desi style.

Jodhpuri: Channel The Royalty

Want to feel like royalty without actually having to marry into a royal family? Slip into a Jodhpuri ensemble! It's like wearing a tailored suit but with a desi twist, giving you that princely vibe without the stuffiness.

Dhoti Kurta: Be Ethnic & Traditional

For a super traditional and comfortable look, opt for a dhoti kurta ensemble. As the sanskari man of the house, it allows you to channel your Indian ethnic vibes effortlessly. With its easy-breezy feel and timeless appeal, it's the most common  choice for any marriage function dress for male in India.

Jackets: Super Dapper & Stylish

Layering is always in, and jackets offer a super dapper and stylish addition to your wedding ensemble. Whether you mix and match or go for a monotonous look, layering adds depth and sophistication to your outfit, ensuring you exude an elated aura that's perfect for the festivities.

Outfit Inspirations For The Brother Of Bride/Groom

Cool Vibes Only

In the midst of all the madness, this icy blue jacket set is like a breath of fresh air. With its zari embroidered tissue jacket, raw silk kurta, and stylish grey ankle pants, it's the ultimate choice for the bro who's all about keeping it chill and effortlessly cool.

Grey-Black Charm

If you're all about making a stylish yet subtle statement at your bro/sis's wedding, this grey silk kurta-pajama paired with a sleek velvet jacket having tone-on-tone zari embroidery is perfect marriage function dress for male in winter to keep you cosy in the chilly winter.

White floral Elegance

Move over black, because white is the new chic! The shades of white have been sported by celebs and influencers at weddings. This white asymmetrical kurta and floral jacket combo it's the trendiest pick as marriage function dress for male who are looking to steal the spotlight.

Teal Thrill

Looking for something little less sanskari, and a little more contemporary. This teal stylised indowestern with layered kurta and pants tops the list as the go to modern dress for sister marriage for all the bros aiming to make a splash at their sister's big day.

Pista Green Perfection

What’s better than a Sherwani?.a kurta that gives off those structured sherwani vibes with added comfort. This pista green asymmetric kurta with tone on tone resham work with zardosi highlight is your best bet for acing various wedding occasions with style!


Which dress is best for brother marriage for boys?

Go for a light casual work sherwani for your brother wedding dress. It's the perfect balance of style and subtlety, ensuring you're his ultimate fashion companion without stealing his spotlight

What should a brother wear to his sister's wedding?

The guide is simple for sister wedding dress for brother, opt for something classy yet comfy. Think stylish ensembles that showcase your flair while allowing you to tackle those last-minute errands with ease

What colour should the groomsmen wear?

Groomsmen should choose colors based on weather. Summer wedding dress male indian calls for cool pastels, while marriage function dress for male in winter is darker, heavier fabrics and layers to stay cozy and stylish."

What are trending best men dress Indian ideas?

"Trending best men dress ideas for wedding include basic sherwanis with light embroidery or sherwani-cut kurtas paired with stylish jackets. It's all about blending tradition with modern flair for a dashing look."

What are some styling tips for groomsmen?

Styling tips for groomsmen? Keep it comfortable for running errands, coordinate with the chosen color or theme, and embrace layering for versatility. Choose silhouettes that flatter your body shape and ensure you're ready for any wedding adventure

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