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Trending Wedding Dress Ideas For Groomsmen To Look Dapper This Season

Updated: 21 hours ago

Is your friend about to get married any time soon? If yes, then you must be all excited and ready to rock in all the ceremonies associated with the wedding. From Haldi, and Mehendi, to the final reception night, you want to look your best without compromising on the looks. 

If you are finding it hard to pick the right menswear for a summer wedding, then we have got you covered in this blog. We have brought you an amazing list of trending wedding dress ideas for men inspired by the Indo-Western theme that you can go through and style yourself to look your best.

5 Groomsmen Wedding Clothes Ideas For A Timeless Look

Embroidery, one-of-a-kind cuts, and high-quality fabrics like Banarasi silks, brocades, and velvet give Indo-Western attire a sophisticated and elegant look, which is why menswear for summer wedding are so popular at weddings and other formal events.

Check out these 5 groomsmen wedding clothes ideas looks that are timeless and elegant, that will make you feel special on your wedding day.

1. Orange Angrakha Suit with Dhoti

This Indo-western suit will definitely make you stand out on your brother’s big day. Its bright festive colour and the Angrakha cut make it unique and stylish. The dhoti that is paired with it is comfortable and can be worn all day during long celebrations and festivities. The buttoned detailing and the embroidered border that runs along the neckline provide a sophisticated look while keeping this outfit for brother’s wedding traditional.

2. Black-collared Suit with Detailing

Black is one of the most loved groomsmen suit colours, no matter the season. Choose this collared black suit to create a dapper modern look at your friend’s cocktail night. The asymmetric cut and resham hand embroidery detailing in gold elevates the entire look giving you a handsome look. Pair it with some minimalistic gold jewellery for men and you are sorted for your loved one’s big day.

3. Modern sidecut Sherwani

This modern pastel kurta suit in rose gold is the best choice for your buddy’s engagement ceremony. The pastel shades are very much in this season and a great option if the wedding is about to take place during the summer season. The matching suits can elevate your look, and style, and are bound to be a hit. The Banarasi brocade fabric is absolutely perfect for the wedding ceremonies giving a royal look. 

4. Geometrical Printed Suit

If prints are your thing, you are going to love this suit -featuring stunning patterns. Ditch the monotonous looks and choose traditional geometric patterns this time paired with navy blue trousers. You can accessorise with a gold brooch to complete the look and are ready to slay.

5. Light Sea Green Draped Collar Asymmetrical  Suit

This suit has all the elements of dapper like the unique pastel sea green colour and the asymmetrical design of the suit. The collared is also uniquely draped making it a one-of-a-kind piece for your pal’s wedding celebrations. Pair it with black or dark green trousers to complete the look. Check out other styles and mens wedding dress in Hyderabad.

Classic Men's Indian Outfits for Weddings

While Indo-Western styles are certainly on-trend, classic Indian outfits remain a timeless choice for groomsmen. Consider traditional sherwanis, and kurta-pajama sets, as a suitable dress for friend's wedding male. These outfits exude elegance and cultural pride, making them a wonderful option for your wedding party.

Wondering how to choose groomsmen attire? Choose from a variety of styles, fabrics, and cuts to make a unique groomsmen outfit for your wedding day.

Jodhpuri Jacket: The most fashionable of the classic Jodhpuri styles, this suit features a structured jacket and slim-fit trousers. Pair it with a safa (turban) and brooch for a regal, traditional touch.

Angrakha Style: The Angrakha kurta, with its unique overlapping front, is a contemporary take on Indian ethnic wear. This style looks elegant when paired with tailored trousers or dhoti pants.

Achkan: Similar to a sherwani but with a shorter length, the Achkan is a modern interpretation of traditional Indian formalwear. Pair it with slim-fit trousers or a dhoti for a stylish, contemporary vibe.

Sherwani: Featuring intricate embroidery and asymmetric cuts, options like embroidered or printed Sherwani is a versatile option for men's Indian outfits for weddings that can be dressed up or down. Wear it with churidars, breeches, or even jeans for a relaxed yet refined look.

Groomsmen Attire Tips To Follow For The Perfect Look

Here are our top tips to follow when choosing the perfect groomsmen attire that will make you feel special.

Colour Coordination

Opt for a colour scheme in your groomsmen suits that complements the wedding theme. Coordinate with the groom's outfit while adding a touch of individuality. Consider vibrant hues for a modern twist or stick to classic tones for a timeless appeal.

The Fit Matters

There is going to be a lot of fun and chores to do so choosing comfy outfits for brother wedding is a must. Tailored garments enhance your silhouette and exude sophistication. Comfort is key for enjoying the festivities without restrictions.

Accessorise Wisely

Elevate your look with tasteful accessories like pocket squares, cufflinks, and statement watches. These details add personality and refinement to your ensemble without overpowering the outfit.

Shoe Selection

Choose footwear that complements your attire and the wedding setting. Opt for formal shoes like oxfords or brooches for a classic look, or experiment with juttis or loafers for a more relaxed vibe.

Grooming and Presentation

Pay attention to grooming details like hair, beard, and overall presentation of mens indian outfits for weddings. A well-groomed appearance enhances your outfit and ensures you look polished and put-together for the special occasion.

Last Words

To sum things up, the ideal groomsman's look comes down to a careful combination of colour coordination, fit, style, accessories, footwear, and grooming. This will help groomsmen step up their game, show off their confidence, and help create a cohesive and eye-catching wedding party look. 

You should definitely visit our exclusive Kaadambini store in Hyderabad to try out different styles and fabrics that will best suit your preferences. Choose from a wide range of fabrics, cuts, and styles so that you can rock the best groomsman look on your friend’s wedding day.

By following these guidelines, there will be no more confusion on where to buy groomsmen suits or wedding dress for groom in Hyderabad you will not only look great but will also feel comfortable and prepared to walk down the aisle in style.

FAQs- Groomsmen Suits & Outfits

1. Where can I find the best groomswear in Hyderabad?

In Hyderabad, Kaadambini has the best collection of unique, traditional dress for friends wedding male. They are made with the latest trends and pure fabrics with styles to suit any groom and his preferences. 

2. What do groomsmen usually wear?

Indo-Western suits are commonly worn by groomsmen. These suits are made of Indian fabrics and feature a combination of traditional Indian styles and modern elements. Groomsmen often wear Indian-style suits such as jodhpuri suit, bandhgala jackets, achkan, sherwanis, etc. These suits provide a sophisticated and elegant look for the wedding festivities. Coordination of colours or prints among the groomsmen is also common.

3. What colours should groomsmen wear?

Groomsmen can opt for a variety of colours beyond traditional hues like red and gold. Vibrant shades such as pink, blue, and purple are popular choices for a contemporary twist. Coordinating with the wedding theme or the groom's outfit while adding personal touches through accessories can enhance the overall aesthetic.

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